Diamond Lab 

A Unique Sensory Food Art Popup Experience by Artist & Designer Ryan L Foote


Diamond Lab is a unique sensory food art popup experience by Artist, Designer, Chef Ryan L Foote.

This unique diamond inspired popup event brings together the lustre of installation art, the sparkle of good food and drink, and the clarity of one unforgettable experience.

Foote created an exclusive social space that can seat up to 40 guests at a sculptural black diamond table, and serves up an array of diamond inspired food and drink on hand made diamond flatware.

Launched in Melbourne and subsequently shown at the National Gallery of Victoria, this unique event is designed to travel and pop up in cities all around the world.

The temporal world created by the artist combines and pushes the boundaries of Installation Art, Design, Food Art and Fashion, and engages all guests senses: taste, touch, scent, audio, and, of course, the visual

Part art installation, restaurant, fashion event, Performance  
Food & Drink

The Diamond Lab will serve up some of the most creative, playful and engaging culinary recipes. Some of the creations seen by the guests are crispy flaming diamonds, chocolate diamonds filled with syrup soaked berries and chocolate mousse, diamond inspired cocktails and spirits poured over diamond shaped scotch rocks, hollow ice diamonds filled with flaming absinths , French champagne served up in an ice bucket filled with chilled diamonds, and more. The menu will vary based on the season and location.


Running down the middle of this stunning space, will be a massive sculpted table in the form of thousands of black diamonds, and sitting on either side of this amazing table, will be a series of stools, also diamond inspired.

 This incredible space is only the beginning of the beauty and wonder that the event has installed for guests, with custom porcelain diamond flatware, diamond inspired food and drinks to come.

The space is flexible and can host a range of events from its signature dining experience to dessert bar, tasting space, or full cocktail bar serving up the very best Diamond Lab cocktails, wines, and spirits.

All the porcelain plates and platters are handcrafted in Australia by R L Foote Design Studio, which Foote established as an outlet to create unique pieces for his food art events as homewer and fine dining restaurants. www.RLFooteDesign.com Click here to find out more.
The Creator

Ryan L Foote is known for his experiential events as well as large installations most of which reflect upon contemporary popular culture and the emergence of trends within it. He is based between Melbourne and Hong Kong.

To find out more about the creator behind Diamond Lab, head to www.ryanlfoote.com.

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